How to Motivate Yourself to Start Running

Running is one of the most rewarding exercises to start, but finding the motivation to begin can be tough. It’s very physically demanding, and tends to put people off, but once you power through the first few runs, you’ll soon start to reap the benefits and get fit. Here’s a look at some motivational tips to get you started and more importantly, keep you on track.

Buddy Up

Finding someone to run with is one of the best ways to keep you motivated. Planning a workout ahead of time and having someone else to depend on means you are less likely to pull out of the workout with a trivial excuse or just simply after a bad day. If you’ve not got someone that wants to start running with you, get a family member or friend who you can report to, send them run times, or your weight and you can both monitor your progression together. Adding a little pressure to the workout makes you try a little harder.

New Gear

Not only will buying a new pair of running shoes and a top keep you comfortable during a workout, it’ll give you a little motivation to get out there and use them! Supportive running shoes are essential when it comes to jogging as they support the sole, ankle and leg and reduced injury and recovery time. Be sure to do your research into what shoes suit your running style best and work out whether you want to be road running or on a treadmill.


Fatigue can hit you hard after the first few runs and your recovery time is likely to be longer as your body adjusts. Taking EPA fish oil to help reduce inflammation and other vitamins will help with recovering and also boost you over health and energy levels!

Track Yourself

The modern age has many benefits when it comes to fitness, and apps are one of the big ones. Simply download the app that suits your lifestyle and input your height, weight and end goals and the app will help plan out your workouts and how you can achieve your goals. You might not think it yet, but when the app says you can lose that weight with a certain amount of time if you do X amount of running,you’ll soon find yourself wanting to hit the suggested goals.