How to maintain Reasons of People Sorting Herbal Medicines

Since ancient times, traditional medicine or also known as herbal medicine, has been believed to cure various diseases. Recently, many people have returned to choosing herbal medicines to treat their health problems. Not without reason, the following are some of the reasons why the popularity of herbal medicines has managed to penetrate the ages and is still an option today.

Herbal Medicines

Parental Advice

Many young people are interested in trying herbal medicine because there is advice from the older generation, for example parents or other older families. Their experience has become a reliable reference so that there is a tendency to try and convince yourself.

Tested Benefits

The benefits of herbal medicine have also been proven. Each ingredient has health benefits, whether eaten separately or in combination. For example, lime which is effective in relieving inflammation, honey for squeezing coughs that usually recur at cold temperatures, thymi which can help produce phlegm, and ginger which can warm and cool the throat.

Few Side Effects

Herbal medicines are made from natural spices. This is different from non-herbal medicines whose composition contains chemical substances. Even though both of them can cure disease together and have been proven to be comfortable to eat, for some people, herbal medicine is considered to have few side effects

so that users feel more comfortable and safe.

Affordable prices

Universally, herbal medicines have a more affordable price. This is because the ingredients come from plants that are easy to find near us. The ease of obtaining raw materials and relatively simpler processing makes the price of herbal medicines relatively affordable.

Instant Consumed

The impression that the consumption of herbal medicines is not instantaneous seems to be no longer valid. At present many herbal medicines have been processed in a modern way so as to obtain extracts from these natural ingredients. To treat a cough, for example, you can try a medicine that contains a mixture of Honey, Thymi, Ginger, Cinnamon Base, Javanese Chilli, Kencur, Betel Leaf, Sembung Leaf, Lime, Nutmeg Seeds, and Peppermint oil. This mixture is good for relieving coughs, soothing the throat and working without drowsiness.