Hair removal has been common practice for thousands of years and while more conventional methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing and the usage of hair removal creams are widespread, modern technology has made the process of hair removal far easier, much more efficient and long-lasting. Laser treatment is the newest innovative hair removal solution and it brings with it a wide range of benefits and advantages which we will take a closer look into below.

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Laser treatment helps avoid ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are typically caused by shaving, waxing and epilating. Laser hair removal gets rid of hair from the roots so this problem can be avoided altogether. It also saves you from razor bruises or burns from hot wax. Regular laser treatment can eliminate ingrown hairs entirely, meaning you’ll never have to worry about this again.

Laser removal leaves your skin softer and smoother than before

Shaving or waxing usually leaves behind a prickly stubble in a couple of days. With laser hair removal, there’s no stray hair or stubble left behind, making your skin feel silky smooth after a session of laser treatment. Even when your hair does eventually grow back, it’s thinner and softer than before, so you don’t have to feel bothered by thick hair that leaves your skin rough.

Laser removal leaves no scars, bruises, redness or painful side effects

Threading is one of the most painful cosmetic procedures for hair removal and can usually leave behind redness and irritation on the skin. Shaving may not be so painful initially, but you’re just one wrong move away from a cut or a bruise. With waxing, there’s always the risk of your skin being burned by hot wax and pulling the waxing strip can cause pain and discomfort in many, especially those with sensitive skin. Laser hair removal leaves no room for such painful side effects, scars, or bruises. It’s a no-mess process that can be carried out on any part of the body with no worry.

Laser hair removal gives you longer-lasting results

After laser hair removal, hair can take weeks, and in some cases even months to grow back, and the more laser hair removal sessions you go through, the longer it takes for the hair to grow back each time.  The hair that grows back is also a lot thinner and sparser than the hair you initially started off with, so eventually, you’ll be practically hairless!

You can shave in between laser treatments.

Usually, when you wax, you need to wait for a certain time period so that your hair can reach a certain length. Before this length, waxing does not yield any results, so you cannot shave in between sessions.  With laser treatment, such is not the case as you can shave your hair even in between sessions as laser does not require your hair to be at a specific length to give results. In fact, you are advised to shave before your laser session in order to avoid the scorching of hair on your skin.

Overall laser hair removal has innumerable benefits and if you get it done rightly from licensed saloons, then your life will become easy.