The Dawn Rehab and Wellness Center Review

Set in the cool and beautiful city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, The Dawn Rehab is a peaceful sanctuary for people suffering from substance and behavioral addictions. With its advanced facility and healing-conducive environment, The Dawn offers a range of holistic and comprehensive illicit substance addiction treatment, and behavioral or process addiction treatment to clients across the globe.

Twin Pillars Program

The underlying principle of The Dawn’s treatment program is to address the negative behaviors and develop positive behaviors of those with addiction problems.  The Dawn’s Twin Pillars treatment program aims to balance rehabilitation and wellness, together with work and relaxation. The combination of Western and Eastern treatment routes assures clients the best in terms of maintaining addiction-free and healthy living.

The initial step towards rehabilitation and wellness starts with an assessment and a personalized treatment plan.  Depending on the client, treatment duration may be from one to three months, with the option to avail of the sober house program, a secondary care program to help recovering addicts to transition from rehabilitation to mainstream living.  Detoxification is part of the treatment plan. This is given under medical supervision. In some cases, off-site detox is necessary, and medication may be required to ease withdrawal symptoms.  Once the client had gone through this phase and is physically stable, his treatment plan commences. Co-occurring disorders, if any, are addressed too.

First Pillar Approach

The first pillar approach deals with rehabilitation based on holistic and traditional methodologies. This is focused on equipping clients with the tools needed to stop negative behavior and recover self-sufficiency.  Clients with their assigned counselors go through individual and group cognitive behavior therapies (CBT) such as the traditional 12-step method, trauma-focused CBT, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Second Pillar Approach

The second pillar approach is The Dawn’s wellness program, designed to develop one’s positive behavior and boast his sense of wellbeing, focusing on his strength and competencies. Holistic elements such as mindfulness meditation, spa and massage therapy, acupuncture, including fitness training and nutrition supervision are part of the daily routine towards health and wellbeing. In-house nutritionist and chef provide healthy and delicious meals and snacks to clients.

Sober House Program

Relapse prevention becomes the key objective towards the end of the treatment course. Offered is the sober house program which is an outpatient program to help recovering addicts transition to real life. Some foreign recovering addicts choose to stay in Thailand to avail of this program. For those who opt to leave the center, individual and group sessions are available through Skype.

Aside from relapse prevention and aftercare support system for aftercare clients, this program also offers an intensive 3-day workshop for family members of the aftercare clients. Those in this program may be referred to take part in 12-step meetings, take active part in volunteer or charity work, and led towards productive hobbies. Clients become part of The Dawn Alumni Community upon completing the program. In some instances, former clients become part of the support staff to help out, providing peer support, organizing and facilitation outings and events.

The Staff

A team of highly qualified, licensed and experienced medical professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, nutritionists, and mindfulness coaches manages The Dawn and facilitates treatment.  The majority of the clinical team and staff are graduates from universities in Australia, the USA and Europe, and trained abroad. Each team member is duly licensed and proficient in his field, with years of combined experience and practice in the treatment of substance and process addictions.


The Dawn is one of the top luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers in Thailand. It offers excellent rehabilitation, wellness and aftercare program to its clients, thanks to the traditional and holistic methods it adheres to.  Its world-class facility sits in a lush and exotic landscape, affording a peaceful and tranquil environment for healing of the body and mind.