Tips for Running Sports on a Nature Trail for Beginners

Beginners who want to run in the wild need to pay attention to a number of things so as not to experience undesirable events, including injuries.  Running is much loved in Indonesia today. Not only run in sloping areas such as around the field or in a sports hall, but there are also many people who practice this sport in the wild.

The many open landscapes that have a beautiful view make running on the path of forests, hills, grasslands, and beaches attractive to many people. Running in the wild is more tiring than in the gently sloping terrain. However, fatigue paid off because running in the open can be done while enjoying the beautiful scenery. However, running in the wild requires a lot of preparation. This is because the track that is passed by the runners is not necessarily smooth and friendly. Therefore, beginners who want to run in the wild must really prepare themselves and practice facing a heavy trajectory.

The following tips are suggestions from Ruth Theresia, a cross-country runner, ultra marathoner, and 100KM female champion at the 2017 Trail Running.

1. Choose an easy track According to Ruth Theresia, cross-country running is often identified with extreme terrain. Though not always like that because the terrain conditions are always diverse and some are friendly to beginners though. Ruth also recommends a number of hilly areas that are suitable as a running track for beginners.

2. Find a track that has a beautiful view Ruth suggested that beginners in the wild look for tracks with beautiful scenery. That way, he said, fatigue while running will pay off by the beauty of the scenery on the track. This can even be an “opiate” for beginner runners.

3. Muscle endurance training Ruth says beginner runners need to exercise diligently to strengthen leg and abdominal endurance muscles as well as flexibility. This exercise is needed because most cross-country terrain is uneven. The exercise is also useful to avoid injury.

4. Bring only equipment that is really needed The beginners also need to pay attention to the goods or equipment that is brought when running in the wilderness. It is better if the runner does not bring too much stuff even though it might be needed. Ruth suggested that runners only carry equipment that is really needed. For example, special trail running shoes, warm clothes, vests for food and beverage containers and headlamps for running at night. is important luggage. Therefore, a vest is highly recommended. For drinks, I recommend bringing a minimum of 600 ml. It’s called running in nature, not necessarily there are stalls selling drinks on the running route unlike on the highway, “Ruth said. 5. Running in groups For beginners it is not recommended to run alone in the wild. It is strongly recommended to run together because it is safer, feels fun and can look after each other.